BMS (Buiding Management System)

Generator Synchro Boards

Automation has become an essential part of modern times serving the overall efficiency, comfort and fowl proof and friendly Operation of systems Generator Synchro Boards Power Management & Green Buildings, Homeand office, hotel Guest Room and Leisure  Automation and Building Management Systems

Automation & Control

Computers and Smart Phones are becoming part of our life style, with different protocols Paragon can provide you as part off the distribution system with desired comfort and ease of your control of your premises

EIB & KNX Home, office, Guest Room and Leisure Automation

Sustaining power on essential Loads is an important aspect in contingencies shedding and diverting energy where its needed. In addition monitoring and controlling Energy Efficiency saves to the power users and a must for LEED certification.

Modern buildings are more and more enriched with services that need more of maintenance and operations whether in Mechanical, Plumbing or Electrical  all powered and motorized by electricity. Delta Controls  is one of the Largest in the world  and a leader of new innovations in the trade   

As an integral part of our Totalizing Panels or as separate order,  we provide state of the art Synchronization between Generators or even Generators sharing the same load with Utility Power.

Power Management & LEED Buildings

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