• Tentative Dimensional drawings for selecting enclosuresof the switch boards arrangement and position of important external items.
  • Single line diagram showing proposed components andauxiliary devices termination arrangements.
  •  Details of cable terminations and fittings.
  • Schematic and connection diagrams covering allequipment pertaining to the switch board.
  • Schedule of accessories and fittings.
  • Technical data used for the selection and sizing ofinternal components such as bus bars, groundingbreakers, contactors, metering instruments etc...
  • Detailed shop drawings of panels enclosures with threeviews (closed door view, plastron view and devices view).
  • Short circuit bus bars calculations using Ecodial.Type your paragraph here.


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Engineering starts at the first review of the client requirements treating the estimation same as a production order with full study of:

Above is achieved using Computer Aided Design, Selection, Estimation and Space Requirement Calculation.