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Solar electrical power generation types:

ECS Switchgear and Photovoltaics establishs the new trend in Electric Panel Boards, Switchgear and Solar Power generation with innovation as a criteria that dictates ruggedness, safety, an eye on modern features and user friendly operation from design to assembly up to Testing. Our works cover residential, office buildings, commercial centers, show rooms, sport centers, educational, health, leisure, villas, factories and other Industrial Sectors projects.


Whether Switch Gear or Photovoltaic Solar Energy,  we add  an architectural endeavor where we work with our clients to craft safe and memorable systems.

The lifting of subsidies and cross subsidies of electric tariffs in Egypt have made the installation of company owned solar plants a lucrative investment recovering the cost in around four years and there on free production for the coming twenty five years. With available low interest funding from ERDB and other organisations through local Egyptian banks, Renewable Energy is  has become an instantaneous pay back by it self Investment.   

(Photovoltaic Cells)

Switchgear​ & Photovoltaics

​• On-Grid (Grid Tied) Systems

​  With Net-Metering, you can get all your needs from Solar Energy as the utility

   company stores your peak noon production so use again during low output 
• On-Grid (Grid Tied) with Battery Storage Systems
• Hybrid Systems
• Off Grid Systems

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Switch gear Electric Distribution range:  

ATS Panels
• MDBs Main Distribution Boards.
• SMDBs Sub Distribution Boards.
• TDBs Tertiary Panels.
• MCCs Motor Control Centers
• TTPs Totalizing Panels.
• LPs Lighting Panels.
• CPs Control Panels & Automation.
• BMS Building Management Systems
• Synchro & Load Sharing Panels
• As well as power metering and Management
for green Buildings.