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ECS have taken this very seriously

and developed Electrical  Simulations 

to provide its Clients with Optimum

Systems tailored to their needs including  precise Solar Calculations, Costs and Financial Projections covering interests, degradation, cleaning and maintenance and inflation.

With the need for Sustainable Renewable Energy all efforts are going on an International level to pull away

from Fossil Fuels  that produce

CO2  gases that cause Global

Warming  and Climate Change.

Installation will be  24/7 monitored by our  Central Installations Control Center

Final Stage of Connecting to Client Panels

Photovoltaic Solar Panels are the core of the Solar Apparatus. Only Premium Grade A  German technology  Monocrystalline  PERC Panels  are used with efficiencies > 19% and  Hi temp. coefficients < 0 .3 requiring less space area and more reserves

Saving The Planet

The Solar Apparatus

Location Flux by Global Solar Atlas

Copyright Engineering & Contracting Services Co. All rights reserved. 

Inverters are with top of the line Electronics , multi MPPTs  tracking, AC/DC  Surge Arresters  and Ethernet Communication / Alarms.

Project Calculations

Precise assessment of your  plant capacity power Data Loggers