What ever your business is, Commercial, Industrial , Agricaltural or  Urban Development, you will be having tremendous saving in your Electric Bills and Generators Fuel Oil Consumption and profitability in operation and the option of having LEED and  Green Energy certification on your building in a comprehensive package..

Funding available up ten years in full coverage up to 150,000 USD by UNDP, ERDB and other World Organizations through BDL through Commercial Banks in the country of Installation.

Head Consultant  M.Sc. Electric Renewable Energy

​In Lebanon's, Middle East and North Africa's rapid pace towards Green Energy, and as Photo Voltaic Electric Solar being a coherent part of  Power Distribution, we have decided to integrate the Photo Voltaic line in our business and give it our cumulative and high end expertise in Power switching and power management.  Whether its in a new Building or a retrofit to an existing Building, we have the expertise to provide our customers the optimum power management residing in one source,  a source that provides capability, Engineering and Research in huge LV Power Distribution and Switching.

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Photovoltaic Clean Free Solar Electric  Power Generation